Ballpark Mini Message Board in White
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Ballpark Mini Message Board in White

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Show off your personality with this classic Ballpark Mini Message Board in white. This message board nods to the manual ballpark signs you'll see at Fenway and little league ballparks across the country, but with a modern and clean white. This message board is a customizable piece perfect for fun office spaces, homes, photo shoots, and more. Included: one letter set in black of 70 characters. Size: 24" wide by 12" tall

Each letter set includes the following combination of 70 letters and symbols:

E - 4, A - 4, O - 3, I - 3, N - 3, S - 3. H - 3. R - 3. D - 3 and 2 of every other letter


Also, 1 of each of the following: apostrophe, dash(hyphen), ampersand, period, comma, exclamation point, and a question mark

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