cement chess set
cement chess set
cement chess set

cement chess set

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34 piece chess set - handmade from cement 
including 2 extra queens. (1 set in gray, 1 set in black)
Each piece is hand casted, hand conditioned and made from 100% cement.

Each piece is gently sanded and a protective lining is on the bottom of each one which will be cork or felt. I have a special technique to help eliminate as much air bubbles as I can but it's concrete and it does cure sometimes with air bubbles.

Many of the concrete pieces you will find slight imperfections and marks due to the nature of the material and the handmade process. These contribute to the uniqueness and character of the work. Air bubbles are also a natural occurrence in concrete so some pieces may look "chipped"

The tallest finished piece measures 2-1/2 inches tall, while the smallest measures a little over 1 inch tall (about 29mm) The base on each piece measure about 1"wide.

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