Hymnal Message Board in Cherry
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Hymnal Message Board in Cherry

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Express your personality with this classic Hymnal Message Board in Cherry stain. This message board is inspired by traditional hymnal/attendance signs from old churches, and it's perfect for homes, photo shoots, weddings, and more. This message board comes with a letter set in white. The Hymnal is 24" tall and 16" wide.

Each letterset includes the following combination of 70 letters and symbols:

E - 4, A - 4, O - 3, I - 3, N - 3, S - 3. H - 3. R - 3. D - 3 and 2 of every other letter


Also, 1 of each of the following: apostrophe, dash(hyphen), ampersand, period, comma, exclamation point, and a question mark

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