Lavender Aromatherapy Pillow Set
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Lavender Aromatherapy Pillow Set

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Lavender aromatherapy pillows are made to use as is and as hot or cold therapy pillows. As is, tuck it in your pillow at night, or lay it on your forehead to help relax after a long day or to soothe an aching head. Utilize your pillows benefits when warmed or cooled to soothe the ache of sore muscles after a rigorous workout. Filled with flax, lavender buds, crystallized salt, and infused with lavender essential oil, these pillows are endlessly soothing.

Each pillow is sewn with care and attention to detail and instructions for use are included. Your pillow's fabric design may vary from the pictures shown. Each pillow is approximately 9" x 5".

Each pillow will retain it's scent differently, depending on frequency of use and how many times it is heated or chilled.

The included Lavender Pillow Refreshing Spray is 10ml, made with lavender essential oil, and formulated especially for use with our Lavender Aromatherapy Pillows. With continued use, your aromatherapy pillow may start to loose its signature scent. To keep your pillows smelling of fresh lavender, lightly spritz your pillow with the refreshing spray, allow it to absorb and dry fully before use.

Lavender Aromatherapy Pillow Sets make great gifts for coworkers, teachers, bridesmaids, friends, and family.

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